About Us


At Edmonton Quality Childcare, we provide your children with a safe place to learn and play with other children of the same age. In addition to our fun environment, we also place a focus on helping children develop healthy eating habits by providing them with nutritious meal and snack options, prepared fresh daily by our on-site cook. For more information on our childcare programs, give us a call today.


Our mission is to provide safe, affordable, high quality childcare for the children and the community. In doing so, we strive to support families in reaching their goals.


We believe that children thrive when they are provided with nutritious foods, adequate rest and opportunities to play both indoors and outdoors in a safe stimulating environment supported by warm, nurturing and knowledgeable caregivers. Our program is designed to provide each individual child with opportunities to grow to their full potential.

We believe the child’s family plays the most significant and influential role in the child’s life, therefore we strive to develop a partnership and mutually supportive relationship with each family to promote positive outcomes for children. We have an open door policy for families and encourage parents to become involved within the centre to facilitate their children’s growth and development.

Our Services

Field Trips
We plan field trips based on children’s interests. Parents’ involvement is highly encouraged.

Subsidized Care Services
Subsidy for childcare is provided via Government of Alberta. The amount of subsidy is determined by the household income in the previous year. Please refer to the Alberta Human Services website for details.

Accredited Childcare Professionals
A daycare centre receives accreditation from AELCS once it meets their stringent criteria of quality childcare. We are pleased to inform that we achieved our accreditation status last year, within 2 years of opening our doors. Thanks to the hard work of our dedicated staff. More information on accreditation is available at the AELCS website.

Our Team Of Experts