Music Enrichment
We have a music teacher coming weekly to familiarize children with different musical instrument such as violin, guitar, drum etc. The gives children an opportunity to appreciate different sound and also a chance to create their unique sound and music. You will be surprised to how engaged children become with the music.
We also provide weekly Yoga lessons to our little one. It starts with fun but soon parents notice that their loved ones are showing them ‘flamingo pose’. Yoga helps children to see our world slightly differently and also gives them much loved body stretch in the form of different poses. Children love their Yoga lessons.
Safety is our highest priority. We regularly train our staff to maintain high level of vigilance towards the children under their care. We carry our regular fire drills to familiarize children to help them follow instruction in case of any emergency.

A Few Words About Our Centre

We opened our first daycare (Strathcona Tenderloving Daycare) in 2013. We received tremendous support from the community that led us to open doors to our second daycare (University Tenderloving Daycare and OSC) in 2015. We are proud of our staff who work very hard to provide top quality care for children. We believe that children thrive when they are provided opportunities with proper guidance and nurture. As our name suggest we believe in ‘tenderloving’ care. We encourage kids to achieve their potential and let them achieve their own milestones at their pace. We strongly believe in uniqueness of every child and therefore we do not measure success with rewards like badges etc.

We believe that good quality nutrition plays a vital role in physical and mental development of children of all ages, therefore we provide hot meals that is prepared fresh by our excellent cook.


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